2014 Popular Comedic Drama: HERO - What is popular in Japan right now!?

2014 Popular Comedic Drama: HERO


The Drama, HERO, was originally released in 2001 and became a big hit.  It was so popular that a new season of HERO was created and started on the 14th of July.  The first episode had an audience rating of 26.5%!  This was the highest rating among all TV dramas in 2014.   Hero is about an investigative duo. One member is a public prosecutor and the other member is his assistant.   A featured actor, playing the part of the public prosecutor, is Takuya Kimura (a member of popular pop music group, SMAP).  His assistant is played by actress, Keiko Kitagawa.

>> HERO in 2014 without English Sub

>> HERO in 2001 with English Sub

>> HERO Site

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