2014 Japanese Yuru-Chara Mascots Contest

2014 Yuru-Chara No. 1 was Announced!

Japanese people love mascots and characters. The Yuru-Chara is the national character contest where people can vote for their favorite mascots to become the next annual star. The Yuru-Chara Grand Prix poll, held this year, selected the No. 1 Yuru-Chara from 1168 Yuru-Chara!! This year’s Yuru-Chara award goes to “Gunma-chan” from Gunma prefecture! It has been 20 years since this character, Gumma-chan was first created. Congratulations on winning this years Yuru-Chara contest Gumma-chan!


NO 1 :Gunma-chan from Gunma Prefecture


NO 2 : Mikyan-chan from Aichi Prefecture


NO 3 : Fukka-chan from Saitama Prefecture

>> NO 4 ~ 10

>> NO 11 ~ 1168

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