A New Mask Trend has started in Japan! - What is popular in Japan right now!?

A New Mask Trend has started in Japan!

  I wrote an article about masks before, however, since that article was published, there seems to be the new mask trend!

  This trend features a black mask.  It was said that one of the member of the popular Jonny’s groups, Kis-My-Ft2, started to wear a black mask along with other famous models and idols.  Some people credit Michael Jackson with starting the trend.  However, in truth, nobody knows who started it.  The black mask is also growing in popularity in Seoul.  You can find many photos of Korean idols wearing a black mask on internet.  The black mask can be purchased at drug stores in Japan and it keeps being sold out.

  The good thing about the black mask is that this mask contains ash which is antibacterial and also deodorizes.  There are also black masks with cute images printed on them.   You will see people wearing black masks in Japan in no time!? source


>> Black Mask on Twitter

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