A Popular and Classic Ice Candy: Azuki Bar by Imuraya Seika - What is popular in Japan right now!?

A Popular and Classic Ice Candy: Azuki Bar by Imuraya Seika

The Azuki bar is made by the company Imuraya Seika, which was founded in 1896.  Azuki Beans are used in most of Imuraya Seika’s products.  Their summertime favorite, the Azuki Bar, was inspired by the traditional Japanese Sweets, Zenzai and was created in 1973.  At first, Imuraya had struggled to make an Azuki Bar that contained an even distribution of 100 Azuki Beans.  After going through many difficulties, they finally succeeded in creating their famous Azuki Bar.  They use top quality Azuki beans from Hokkaido which helps to differentiate their ice candy from other competitors.  Since then, this Azuki Bar has became an annual best seller and is popular with all generations.  According to the company’s site, the sales of their Azuki Bar is No 1 in Japan during July and August.  The total number of Azuki bars sold in 2013 reached over 267 million!

 The Azuki Bar is often a topic of conversation because cold Azuki Bars are notoriously hard to bite; some people have even broken their teeth… You can even find a warning on the company’s website “It is frozen very firmly. Please be careful not to hurt yourself and please be careful not to stick your lips or tongue when you have it right after taking out from a freezer.”  So, be careful not to break your teeth!

Azuki Bar TV Commercial


>> Azuki Bar by Imuraya Seika

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