Aikatsu : A Popular Card Game for Young Girls and Otaku Men - What is popular in Japan right now!?

Aikatsu : A Popular Card Game for Young Girls and Otaku Men

The whole name for Aikatsu is “Data Carddass Aikatsu”. Aikatsu stands for “Aidoru Katsudou” (Idol Activity).

You can find this Aikatsu Game at arcades in super markets, shopping malls and other shops in Japan. Aikatsu is a collectible card game. You pay 100 yen to buy a card to choose your idol character. Then, you choose one of the auditions you would like your idol to participate in. After you choose your audition, you can choose to buy more cards or use the cards you previously collected to scan. These scanned cards are used to dress your idol with clothes from top to bottom, everything your character will need for the audition! When your character enters their audition, you play a game like the “tap tap” game by pushing yellow, red and green buttons to the music. The better you do in the audition, the higher your score and the closer you will get to becoming a top idol!

This game was released in October, 2012 and Aikatsu has continuously been gaining in popularity among young girls. However, some adult men, aka “Aikatsu Ojisan”, also fall in love with this game. Aikatsu is not only a game but also an anime series. It has also been decided that Aikastu would be made into a movie! Total sales for Aikatsu goods this year is anticipated to be approximately 14 billion yen!



How to play Aikatsu

>> Aikatsu Site

>> Aikatsu Youtube Channel

>> Aikatsu Facebook

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13 Responses

  1. Clara says:

    I am from indonesia and if am indonesian.
    I really love aikatsu.
    I always watch it every Saturday , at, 6.30 am
    And in indonesia, there is already have aikatsu game machine

  2. Willow says:

    Where can we find the arcade game in the USA

  3. Yuu Kuruchi says:

    hi.i’m from philippines,i really reaaly love aikatsu.where i can buy the cards in the philippines?and where can i find an arcade game of aikatsu in the philippines?thank you.

  4. kiriya natsuki inez says:

    iam love aikatsu

  5. Angela Santos says:

    helloo i really love aikatsu
    im a certified #1 fan
    im watching it on youtube
    beacause im from the philippines
    i wonder if there are aikatsu arcade machines in here also my favorite is the aikatsu style shop and cards so i can buy some for myself and for my sister because she is a certified #1 fan also of aikatsu.I’m in episode 133 right now and waiting 1whole week before i can watch it in youtube.
    pls help me!
    Arigato Gozaimasú

  6. mana says:

    As a note, the creators behind Aikatsu! have also stated it’s incredibly popular with older women. I don’t know if they said more or equally so as the young girls, but definitely more popular with them than otaku/older men. (Understandable too, given it makes many references to older shoujo and magical girl shows as well as having that distinct, nostalgic but modern air and quality.)

  7. aurelia carmen says:

    wah aikatsu bagus banget itu adalah film kesukaanku aku sih juga ingin jadi idol kayak Otome,Ichigo,Awi.iiih dia dia semua kan imut banget kayak boneka beruang yang aku punya juga lucu banget

  8. milena kurzynska says:

    I live in Germany but I come from Poland, I love aikatsu even have a card is planning to buy binder with aikatsu damage that can not be aikatsu in Europe

  9. Serene Policarpio says:

    I live in the Philippines and I REALLY wanted to play the Data Cardass Aikatsu. But I can’t seem to find any Aikatsu cards and the arcade machine. I started to find in a Japan styled store, but there wasn’t any cards :/ And I would like to ask, Where can I find these in the PH? Arigato!

  10. esther says:

    aikatsu is cool

  11. I like aikatsu because kanzaki mizuki is my favorit idol in starligh academy and sora is my favorit idol in dream academy 🙂 thanks bye,,,,,,,,,,,,

  12. sofia says:

    i live in phi. but aikatsu machine is nit available on our country pls. iwant is only a aikatsu machine in every fun houses and mall

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