AKB48 6th General Election Result Announcement - What is popular in Japan right now!?

AKB48 6th General Election Result Announcement

The result of the popularity vote, of the AKB48 members, was announced on the 7th of June.  Amongst the 296 members of AKB48 and their sister groups (such as SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, and others,) only 16 members who are voted in can participate with the singing of the group’s next single.  70 thousand fans gathered at Ajinomoto Stadium to see the result of the vote.  In first place was Mayu Watanabe who received 159,584 votes.  That’s the greatest number of votes for an individual AKB48 member in the groups history.  Mayu was voted 3rd during the group’s last election.  The former group leader, Rino Sahihara, was voted in at 2nd place.

AKB48 6th Election

AKB48 6th Election

Mayu Watanabe AKB48

>> AKB48 6th Election Result

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