Ama-chan is a popular Japanese TV Drama, released in 2013 - What is popular in Japan right now!?

Ama-chan is a popular Japanese TV Drama, released in 2013

amachan japanese top most popular tv drama 2013

This NHK drama series, Ama-chan, has finished running on TV but it is still gaining in popularity through internet screenings. Although there are over 150 episodes, each episode is only 15 minutes long so the series is easy to watch.

“Ama” is a female diver who dives into sea without an oxygen tank to harvest sea urchins, various types of sea weed and other types of sea food. “Chan” is an honorific title for used mainly for young girls.

The main character, “Aki” (who is a high school student,) went back to her mother’s hometown for the first time in her life.  The town is located in the very Northern part of the main Honshu island.  This town is suffering from a severely declining population and is especially short of young people.

The “Ama” were an important part of the town’s tourist attractions.  However, the number of people who become “Ama” have been decreasing over the years because of the dwindling population.

The story begins to unfold as Aki discovers a different lifestyle compared to her familiar, busy and often hectic Tokyo lifestyle.  The way of life in the small town is serene and so much more open.   Aki’s grandmother is an “Ama” and because of her influence, Aki is gradually becoming more interested in the”Ama” lifestyle.

>> Amachan with English Subtitle

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