Annual Japanese "Keywords-of-the-year Contest"

Annual “Keywords-of-the-year Contest”

The winners of 2014’s ‘Keywords-of-the-Year’ contest was announced on December 1st. This contest chooses the most commonly used words or topic for any given year and gives out honors to a person or group who is most connected with popularizing the “word”. Here are this year’s top 10 keywords!

1. Dameyo~Dame! Dame! by the comedian group, Elekitel Rengou


2. Shudanteki Jieiken (Right of Collective Self-defence)


3. Arino mamade (Let it go) from the movie “Frozen


4. Carp Joshi (Carp is one of the pro baseball team from Hiroshima prefecture. Joyshi means “girl” or “woman”. ) Carp Joshi is young girls who will go to the baseball stadium to cheer for the Hiroshima Toyo Carp team.


5. Kabe Don (Kabe is wall. Don is the expression of sound when you bang on the wall.) Kabe Don is a situation where a boy puts his hand on the wall and traps a girl for a romantic encounter. The girl who was “Kabe Don”ed by the boy tends to fall in love!?


6. Kiken Drug (Kiken means Dangerous.) Kiken Drug is a law-evading drug. This drug has become popular among young people and some of them who used it lost consciousness or fell into a state of confusion caused fatal car accidents.


7. Gokigenyo (means “Good-bye” or “Have a nice day”.) This phrase was used in the popular NHK drama, “Hanako and Anne”. At the end of each episode, the narrater says “Gokigenyo”.


8. Matahara (is an abbreviation of Maternity Harassment). A lady who had been demoted after her pregnancy in Oct. demanded compensation for damages saying that the demotion was against The Equal Employment Opportunity Law. The Supreme Court ruled in her favor.


9. Youkai Watch (Youkai Watch is a very popular game and anime among kids.)


10. Legend (Sports players who are over the average age in their sport but still manage to achieve excellent results.)

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