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Top 10 Japanese Drama 2017!

Here is popular Japanese Drama Ranking in 2017! (source) 1. ドクターX (Doctor-X) 20.87%   2. 陸王 (Rikuoh) 16.00%   3. コード・ブルー 3rd (Code Blue 3rd) 14.78%   4. A LIFE 14.55%   5. 緊急取調室 (Emergency Interrogation Room – kinkyu torishirabeshitsu) 14.09%   6. 小さな巨人 (Chiisana...

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What is “Senbero”?

Have you heard of “Senbero” before? Senbero is a word that combines the words ‘Sen-yen’ (1000 yen = $10 US) and ‘Berobero’ (Berobero means you get really drunk. However, there is only one “bero”,...

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Popular Cooking Video Sites

Short cooking videos are very popular in social network sites nowadays. They are usually about one minute long and fun to watch. It is also easier to follow the recipe with a video because...

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Life-sized Gundam is back to Odaiba

One of the most popular sight seeing spots in Tokyo features a colossal life-sized Gundam, The first Gundam built in Odaiba was the RX-78-2 however, it was removed in March, 2017. Now, a new...

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TVer – Watch Free TV Shows Online

If you live in Japan you can watch different popular shows provided by 5 major TV channels. Nippon TV, Asahi TV, TBS, TV Tokyo and Fuji TV; they are all providing content for FREE!...

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Top 10 Japanese Drama 2016!

Here is popular Japanese Drama Ranking in 2016! (source) 1. ドクターX (Doctor-X) 21.45% 2. 99.9 17.15% 3. 逃げるは恥だが役に立つ (Nigeruwa Hajidaga Yakunitatsu) 14.58% 4. 世界一難しい恋 (Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi) 12.88% 5. スペシャリスト (Specialist) 12.67% 6....