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Sani Brown, Gold Medal Sprinter!

Sani Brown is Japan’s future hope for the gold medal in the 100 and 200 meter dash. Japanese high school student, Sani Brown is attracting a lot of attention with his recent gold medals...

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Star Wars Takes The Sky with All Nippon Airways!

All Nippon Airways’ (ANA), in conjunction with the Walt Disney Company, will start to fly three aircraft outfitted with everything Star Wars. For the next five years these three jets will be decorated with...

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A Shiny Ball of Mud!!

In Japan, children often make shiny mud balls and sometimes they continue to make shiny mud balls even when they become adults. They’re super simple to make, and the materials are free! All you...

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Live Action Film : Attack on Titan

On August First, part one of the hugely anticipated ATTACK ON TITAN feature film was released. 427 theatres nation wide have started to play the latest rendition of the popular manga story. In only...


Paper Cutout Artist : SouMa

SouMa is an artist who chose paper cutouts as her medium. She creates complex and very intricate 2D and 3D pictures from only one sheet of paper. When you see her art, it is...