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Golden Week in Japan!

What is Golden week? Golden Week is one week containing many consecutive national holidays. Golden week starts April 29th (Showa day), which is then promptly followed by the Constitution Memorial Day on May 3rd,...

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Miniature Artist : Nunu’s House by Tomo Tanaka

A few articles back I wrote about miniature cooking shows; here is another miniature artist, Tomo Tanaka. Tanaka makes a wide variety of handmade miniature products. He started making miniatures in 2001. For Tomo’s...

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New Prikura machine?? NailPri

SEGA released the world’s first print machine for nail art.  They set up the new NailPri machine at the Ikebukuro GIGO location for a test run.  You can choose your favourite design from over...

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Popular Food : Haagen Dazs x Mochi : Hanamochi Series

Haagen Dazs just released a new series “Hanamochi” on the 24th of February. The interesting thing about Hanamochi is that it has “Mochi” (sticky mochi rice cake) in the ice-cream! They created two flavours,...