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Beautiful Japanese Hairpins by a Kanzashi Artist: Sakae 榮

These transparent ornament hairpins, which Sakae makes, have a beauty that catches your breath.

Sakae started to make Kanzashi (Japanese Hair Pins) about 7 years ago.  She was inspired when she saw a girl dressed in a gorgeous long-sleeve kimono.  Sakae thought to herself “If her hair had a transparent butterfly decoration, her look would be perfect…. Why has she not put one on?”  Then, she began to look for a butterfly hair pins at stores.

She finally found a 7cm big butterfly broach made by the Swarovski company.  However, it was very heavy.  It was impossible to wear it in her hair.  Then, she started to make hair pins by herself.  With a lot of trial and error, she completed her first hairpin.  She usually takes one month to make one hair pin.  She sometimes struggles with her Astigmatism, while making her hairpins.  However, the result is worth the effort.  Her beautiful ornamental hairpins are used by top photographers for fashion shows and the commercials.  These hairpins are made with Liquid synthetic resin.  When they’re complete, Sakae sells them through the Japanese Yahoo auction.  Because the hairpins are fragile in nature,  Sakae refrains from sending them to the foreign countries at this time.


Japanese-hairpin-artist-sakae-02 Japanese-hairpin-artist-sakae-03 Japanese-hairpin-artist-sakae-04 Japanese-hairpin-artist-sakae-05


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