Bosai theme park creator: Takanori Aiba - What is popular in Japan right now!?

Bosai theme park creator: Takanori Aiba

The Bonsai which are made by Takanori Aiba are very unique.  These are not real Bonsai trees, instead, each piece is carefully crafted by Aiba.  Takanori Aiba made his illustrations come to life with his 3D models.

Takanori has been loving Bonsai and theme parks since he was a child.  He combined his ideas and started to create his tree house Bonsai theme parks.  When looking at the sculptures, you can see many stares, flags, lights, ornaments, and other decorations.  Each piece is very detailed and intricate.  As you stare at them, you are drawn into his imaginary world.

Takanori_Aiba_Bonsai-B Takanori_Aiba_Hawaiian-Pineapple-Resort Takanori_Aiba_The-Rock-Island


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