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A Shiny Ball of Mud!!

In Japan, children often make shiny mud balls and sometimes they continue to make shiny mud balls even when they become adults. They’re super simple to make, and the materials are free! All you...


Paper Cutout Artist : SouMa

SouMa is an artist who chose paper cutouts as her medium. She creates complex and very intricate 2D and 3D pictures from only one sheet of paper. When you see her art, it is...

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Lollipop Art by Shinri Tezuka

Shinri Tezuka is a Amezaiku-shokunin (Lollipop artist) who owns a shop “Amesin” in Asakusa; where you can enjoy your beautiful lollipop. Shinri creates very detailed, beautiful and even realistic sugar art. One lollipop sells...

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Miniature Artist : Nunu’s House by Tomo Tanaka

A few articles back I wrote about miniature cooking shows; here is another miniature artist, Tomo Tanaka. Tanaka makes a wide variety of handmade miniature products. He started making miniatures in 2001. For Tomo’s...