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Top 10 Japanese Drama 2017!

Here is popular Japanese Drama Ranking in 2017! (source) 1. ドクターX (Doctor-X) 20.87%   2. 陸王 (Rikuoh) 16.00%   3. コード・ブルー 3rd (Code Blue 3rd) 14.78%   4. A LIFE 14.55%   5. 緊急取調室 (Emergency Interrogation Room – kinkyu torishirabeshitsu) 14.09%   6. 小さな巨人 (Chiisana...

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Life-sized Gundam is back to Odaiba

One of the most popular sight seeing spots in Tokyo features a colossal life-sized Gundam, The first Gundam built in Odaiba was the RX-78-2 however, it was removed in March, 2017. Now, a new...

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Internet TV : AbemaTV

On April 11th, a new internet TV channel, AbemaTV, aired for the first time. You can choose to watch from 22 channels on your iPhone, Android device or PC! AbemaTV hosts channels that feature...

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Meat Festival!!

A new festival is now being held during Golden Week, The Meat Festival! This is the second year it’s been open and is it ever attracting a lot of attention! Over 420,000 people came...