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What is a Chirimen Monster?

Do you know what Chirimenjyako is? Chirimenjyako are small dried sardines. People in Japan eat Chirimenjyako as a high multi-nutritional food. People mix the dried sardines in with various foods, such as: fried rice,...

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What is Chara-ben(Kyara-ben)?

Have you heard of “charaben or kyaraben” before? It is abbreviation meaning ‘character bento box’. In an effort to make meal times more fun for children, Japanese moms are dedicating their time to make...


Popular Japanese Instant Ramen Noodles

Japanese people love Noodles, especially Ramen.  You can tell just by walking through different cities in Japan; you see many Ramen restaurants each tailored to their region’s style.  As most Japanese people are busy working,...