Commemorative Suica Card sold 3.16 million pieces!

Commemorative Suica Card sold 3.16 million pieces!

A Commemorative Suica card was released for Tokyo station’s centennial celebration. Suica is a rechargeable fare card for trains in the Tokyo area. The Suica card also works when buying things from vending machines, convenience stores, and other local shops. The design of this Suica features Tokyo station (also known as Marunouchi) with its original red brick, which the female conductor of JR East designed. At first, only fifteen thousands pieces of this special Suica were to be sold at Tokyo Station, however on sales day, a great deal of purchase applicants appeared and sale was stopped and postponed. Now, anybody can buy this Suica (2000 yen) online until Feb 9th. Each person can buy up to 3 cards as sales are limited. Website sales started on January 30th. The number of Suica purchases reached to 3.16 million on Feb 4th!

Tokyo Station (video by yoshian yoshi)

Tokyo Station (video by 時事通信社/JIJIPRESS)

Many people were waiting to buy a commemorative Suica. (video by chicchi ch)

How to buy Suica (video by liketokyocom)

>> Suica website

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