Do you like Onigiri? How about Onigirazu?!

Do you like Onigiri? How about Onigirazu?!

Onigiri (Rice Ball) is a popular food in Japan. You can find many kinds of Onigiri such as: Umeboshi(Pickled plum), Shake(Grilled Salmon), Katsuobushi(Dried bonito), Konbu(Sea Weed) just to name a few. Onigiri is quite easy to make it. First, wash your hands and then wet your hands with salty water. Put one cup of rice in your hand, then put your favourite Onigiri stuffing on the rice. This is when you “nigiru” (press rice firmly with your hands to make a ball or triangle shape). The name “Onigiri” came from action of “Nigiru”. Lately, “Onigirazu” has been getting popular. “Onigirazu” is a “Nigiranai rice ball”. That means you don’t press the rice in your hands. It is like making a sandwich. Here are some videos on how to make Onigiri:

How to make Onigirazu : video by

How to make Onigirazu : video by nigiricco

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