February 2nd is "Twin Tail" Day in Japan! - What is popular in Japan right now!?

February 2nd is “Twin Tail” Day in Japan!

The Twin Tail hairstyle, (also known as: bunches, angel wings and or two ponytails,) is a popular hairstyle in anime. Anime characters such, as Sailor Moon, that were very popular in the early 90’s, wore the twin tail hairstyle.

The Japanese Anniversay Association officially accepted 2/2 (Feb 2nd) as Twin Tail Day; now, Japanese women can have a day to celebrate beauty and fun. Here are some Twin Tail photos and a twin tail website!

On Twintail Japan, you can see various photo galleries with their own twin tail theme. Some of the themes are “After School”, “Japanese Cities”, “Weekends”, “Cosplay” and many more!

65_shibatahikari_5 65_shibatahikari_10 61_yoshitugurena_11 59_haramisako_12 75_ooshimamariko_1 All Photos © Twintail-japan

>> Twin Tail Project Japan Site

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