Ganguro Girls have upgraded their image and have become the Kuro Gyaru! - What is popular in Japan right now!?

Ganguro Girls have upgraded their image and have become the Kuro Gyaru!

Have you heard of or seen any Ganguro in Japan? Ganguro was very popular between the early 90’s to 2000. However, the Ganguro style has changed and is resurging in new different forms such at the Kuro Gyaru! Other adaptations of the Ganguro style have spun off and become their own unique styles.

Ganguro girls typically wear a dark black foundation on their skin or they tan to make their skin dark. However, two of the Ganguro spin offs, Yamamba and Mamba, require strong white eye shadow and a white maker around the eyes to contrast with their dark skin. These groups also put glittering stones around their eyes and dye their hair light colors. The new version of Ganguro, Kuro Gyaru, are not dark as their predecessors or the Yamamba groups. They often add bright accessories to their hair and wear extremely long, three inch, nails! They also wear very brightly coloured, puffy, wigs and oversized furry boots.

One group of Kuro Gyaru’s is called “Black Diamond” and they are eager to take over the world. Are the Kuro Gyaru going to dominate Japan’s young teenage fashion scene? Well, we will have see….

Kuro Gyaru – Black Diamond

>> Gyaru Unit – Black Diamond Facebook

black diamond 「CRAZY TRIBE feat.HAYATO」 Music Video

Yamamba 1/2

Yamamba 2/2


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