Golden Week in Japan!

Golden Week in Japan!

What is Golden week? Golden Week is one week containing many consecutive national holidays. Golden week starts April 29th (Showa day), which is then promptly followed by the Constitution Memorial Day on May 3rd, May 4th is Greenery Day and 5th is Children’s Day. If you are not working in the service industry it is a great time to take a vacation! Some lucky people are even able to take a 2 week vacation from April 26th to May 10th. During Golden Week, there are many popular spots for sightseeing and many holiday resorts in Japan become very busy. You can really notice the crowds on all forms of national transportation. Flights, Trains and Highways are all extremely busy at this time. All accommodations are also fully booked because Golden Week is one of the busiest vacation times of the year. If you are planning to go to somewhere during this week, you should be proactive and plan ahead!

Golden Week in 2014 by ANNnewsCH

Golden Week in 2014 by お出かけTV

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