"Hanako to Anne" NHK Popular Drama in 2014 - What is popular in Japan right now!?

“Hanako to Anne” NHK Popular Drama in 2014

Hanako to Anne is the story about the woman, Hanako, who translated the famous novel “Anne of Green Gables” to Japanese.  Hanako grew up in poor family, in Yamanashi Prefecture.  Even though her family was poor, Hanako’s father was eager for her to be educated; he tried to enrol her into a missionary school.

The drama “Hanako to Anne” started after “Gochisousan” finished.   The first episode of this series had an audience rating of 21.8% which surpassed the first episode rating for the popular drama “Amachan“.

>> “Hanako to Anne” Site

>> “Hanako to Anne” Videos without English Sub

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