How old are the Tempura Kidz? - What is popular in Japan right now!?

How old are the Tempura Kidz?

Tempura Kidz is a dance group consisting of 5 talented kids.  All members wear the same bob haircut to unify their look, but despite looking the same, four of the members are girls and the fifth is a boy. It’s mind boggling to think that at age 13 (2013) they have mastered co-ordinating  their sharp dance moves with such great facial expressions.  Under the name “Kyary Kids” the group has performed as dancers for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Their dances have been  calligraphed by Maiko.  Maiko mixed Kakkoii(Cool) and Comical moves to create their unique dance style.  Now, the dancing group is known as “Tempura Kidz” and have their own headline performances.  Eventually, the group wants to expand and to perform abroad.  For this reason they chose a name that would reflect Japan; so they chose the word “Tempura”.

Ganbare (Good Luck) Tempura Kidz!   Here are some great dance videos.  Enjoy!

Vegetarhythm (ベジタリズム)- Over 3 million Views!

Tempura Kidz: Cider Cider

Tempura Kidz: One Step

Maiko’s Free Dance Lessons on Youtube

>> Tempura Kidz Youtube Channel

>> Tempura Kidz Facebook

>> Tempura Kidz Tumblr

>> Tempura Kidz Blog

>> P→★(TEMPURA KIDZ) Twitter



>> NaNaHo(TEMPURA KIDZ) Twitter


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