A Shiny Ball of Mud!!

A Shiny Ball of Mud!!

In Japan, children often make shiny mud balls and sometimes they continue to make shiny mud balls even when they become adults. They’re super simple to make, and the materials are free! All you need is sand, water and a bunch of patience because it takes a few days to make one shiny mud ball. To start, mix water with regular play ground dirt/sand until it forms a mud constancy. Afterwards, shape your mud into a ball. If you find that your mud is too wet or dry, just add more dirt or water as needed. Remember to be very careful when your ball is wet because this is when it is most fragile. After you have your ball formed you should start smoothing it out. Take some dry dirt and pour it over the top of your ball and very gently wipe it off. Continue this process until your entire ball has been smoothed out. After your mud ball has been smoothed, it needs to dry out. Place it in the shade to dry. Once your mud ball has dried start smoothing it again using ‘fine’ sand. You might need something to sift your sand if it’s hard to find enough fine sand. When you have finished smoothing your ball with the fine sand, you need to use even finer sand to smooth your ball. To get this super fine sand, just rub your hand with sand until it becomes dusty. Now with your dusty hands, continue smoothing your ball until it starts to shine. When you have finished, you can even paint your mud ball like some of these mud ball enthusiasts did. Your mud has been transformed into a work of art! Enjoy! (source)

To see a how to video, just click on the video link below.


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