Popular Ice Popsicle : Gari Gari Kun has a New Flavour! - What is popular in Japan right now!?

Popular Ice Popsicle : Gari Gari Kun has a New Flavour!

That popular Gari Gari Kun popsicle has added another new flavour! The company Akagi collaborated with, the convenience store chain, Seven Eleven and made a new Mont Blanc flavour. The flavour was based on a popular sweet, “Creamy Mont Blanc with Italian Chestnuts”, which is currently being sold at Seven Eleven. Gari Gari Kun developed a creamy Mont Blanc with marron which started to sell at stores on the 8th of October. As a fun promotion, when the word “Win” is found on your popsicle stick, you can win a “Creamy Mont Blanc with Italian Chestnuts sweet!”

Gari Gari Kun “Creamy Mont Blanc with Italian Chestnuts” Flavour Reviewed by Iceman

>> Seven Eleven – Gari Gari Kun Site

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