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Japanese Elaborate Illustrator : Akihiro Nishino

Akihiro Nishino has two faces; one face showcases his membership in the Manzai (stand-up comedy) duo group titled King Kong, the other face reveals his work as an illustrator. Akihiro’s illustrations are very complex, elaborate and have the ability to draw the viewer into his imaginary world. Nishino’s started to work as illustrator while he was still working as a comedian. He thought that it would be hard to stand out in the large pool of professional illustrators and needed to find something unique to offer. At that time, he had plenty of time to draw, so he decided to use the thinnest pen he could find (0.03 mm) to create very elaborate illustrations. He thought these elaborate, high detail illustrations would set him apart as other illustrators would not be able to spend that much time on an illustration.
He recently succeeded to hold his first exhibition in NY through crowd funding. Here are some of his works.

Akihiro Nishino Interview

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