The Japanese Female Pop Group : Perfume - What is popular in Japan right now!?

The Japanese Female Pop Group : Perfume

Perfume is a female trio group that was organized by the Actors School in Hiroshima.   The members are Ah-chan(the woman with curly long hair or a pony tail), Kashiyuka(the woman with long straight hair), and Nocchi (the woman with a bob hairstyle).  They were not popular for several years since they were formed, however after Yasutaka Tanaka started to compose their songs, they gradually started to gain in popularity.  Yasutaka is a famous music composer who also writes music for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Capsule (his own techno group).  Perfume’s uniquness lies in the groups ability to combine the modern Techno Pop sounds, which Tanaka creates, and to partner it with their signature dances which are choreographed by MIKIKO.  MIKIKO has been teaching Perfume every choreographed dance since the members were in 5th grade. The dances are now coordinated with advanced technologies, including Laser beams, and even CG mapping.  Even though Perfume’s dance movements are very complicated, they usually master the moves for one song for only 3 hours.  In addition, despite dancing on stage for prolonged periods of time, they wear only regular high heels.  According to their TV interview, they don’t wear any special custom high heel shoes.  They wear normal high heels you can find at retail stores.  However, they use numerous kinds of shoe pads to adjust inside of their shoes to be as comfortable as possible.


Perfume 「Sweet Refrain」


Perfume 「FAKE IT」



The video is showing how Perfume is learning dance moves during rehearsal with MIKIKO.

>>  Perfume Youtube Channel

>> Perfume site

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    A nice summary post about them and I never knew their high heels were just from retail stores. Makes it even better.

    I’ve written a post of how Perfume’s style influences me. Hope you read and comment:

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