Japanese HighTech Toilet : Washlet (Control Panel English Translation)

Japanese HighTech Toilet : Washlet


When you visit Japan. you may encounter some interesting toilets. Some common toilets are called “WashLet” and they are produced by the famous toilet manufacture TOTO. WashLet have many high-tech features that we rarely see on toilets elsewhere. These high-tech functions include automatic seat opening/closing, automatic flushing, heated seats for your comfort, Air deodorizers, a rear-end wash, bidet, self cleaning, and even an audio recording of water running to mask your toilet sounds. If you can think of something you want out of a toilet, TOTO has it covered. The only problem you might encounter, when you run into one of these luxury units, is how to use it. Well fret no more, here are some links to help you decode your Japanese toilet control panels.

流す  Flush

大 小  Large Small

前 後  Forward Back

弱 強  Weak(Low) Strong(High)

開 閉  Open Close

入 切  On Off

止  Stop

水勢  Water Pressure

温水  Warm Water

おしり  Rear Spray

やわらか  Softly

ワイド  Wide

ビデ  Bidet

乾燥  Dry

洗浄  Clean

位置  Position

脱臭  Deodorizer

便座  Seat

便ふた(フタ)  Lid

そうじ  Cleansing

マッサージ  Massarge

ムーブ  Move(The Nozzle moves back and forth)

ノズル  Nozzle

きれい  Clean

温度設定  Temperature Setting

タイマー  Timer

節電  Power Save

時刻設定  Time Setting

時 分  Hour Minute

セット  Set

準備中  Standby

メニュー  Menu

戻る  Return

決定  Decision/Set

おまかせ  Automatic Function

調整  Adjustment

音  Flushing Sound

音量  Volume


NEOREST Hybrid Ecology System|TOTO

>> TOTO in Japan Site

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