Japanese Innovative Dance Group: World Order - What is popular in Japan right now!?

Japanese Innovative Dance Group: World Order

World Order was formed with 6 dancers in 2009 (7 dancers in 2013).  Genki Sudo is the singer and a leader of this group.  Most members met through Genki’s dance teacher.  Genki Sudo used to be a famous mixed martial arts fighter before he became a musician. When he was at high school, he had two dreams and they were  becoming a martial arts fighter and musician.  He chose to focus on being a fighter because he thought that it wasn’t as competitive compared to being a pro musician.   When Genki decided to become a musician, after he retired as a martial arts fighter, people at various music companies were not interested in his ideas.  They thought that ex-pro fighter becoming a pro musician is unusual and nonsense.  So, he decided to make promotional video and uploaded to Youtube.  The video grew in popularity and he gradually got to work as a musician.

World Order’s dance style is very robotic and elaborated. You can also see a lot of ‘King Tut‘ style dance moves.  They wear clean, crisp suits and perform in public in different cities around the world. Genki Sudo wants to express the essence and image of Japan, so they wear suits and use robotic moves.  In order to create a Robotic image, the members try not to blink their eyes while they are dancing.  His music contains messages like amicable relations and peace.

Here are some great World Order music videos.




Genki Sudo when he was a martial fighter

>> World Order Youtube Channel

>> World Order Site

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