Japanese Popular Animation for young girls (and men?) Pretty Cure : PreCure - What is popular in Japan right now!?

Japanese Popular Animation for young girls (and men?) Pretty Cure : PreCure

Precure is a very popular animation series which started in 2004. This anime series targets young girls between ages 4~9 and it also has a sub-market, men aged 19~30.  At the end of each episode, the Precure characters do a coordinated dance to the anime’s theme song.   Young girls love this and they dance along with the characters.

The name of the anime “Precure” came from combing the words “Pretty” and “Cure”.  The protagonists are always cute junior high school girls who have ability to transform into warriors.   The Precure characters have different devices, such as make-up compacts or mobile phones, that enable them to transform and use their flashy weapons to fight against evil enemies.  These devices and weapons are highly commercialized and contribute to Precure’s huge sales.

Precure’s story concludes every year, but a new Precure story will start the next season.  Also, the characters, along with their costumes, powers and transform device, change every season.

DokiDoki PreCure Ending Song

Old Precure Ending Songs

>> DokiDoki! PreCure Episodes with English Subtitles

>> PreCure: Pretty Cure Site

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