The Wizard of Oz and a Blue Nosed Reindeer: One Piece - What is popular in Japan right now!?

The Wizard of Oz and a Blue Nosed Reindeer: One Piece

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One Piece is a very popular and very famous ongoing anime.  With over 700 episodes this band of pirates is a hit with audiences of all ages.  A fair description of One Piece is the Wizard of Oz with a touch of Rudolf.  Only there are no flying monkeys or Glenda the good witch.  However, there is a band of friends that each want to accomplish their own goals.  One wants to be the Pirate King, one wants to be the best Swordsman in the World, one wants to make a map of the world, another one wants courage… etc.  Rudolf the blue nose… I mean, Tony Chopper is the reindeer who gets laughed at and thrown out of the reindeer pack because of his blue nose.  However, he is able to make a new family of friends with the strange pirate crew.  This band of friends sing, skip, drink beer and smash each other with love while traveling down a stretch of Ocean called ‘The Grand Line.’  They search for the famous and ominous ‘One Piece’ Treasure that will somehow help each of them to attain their goals.

Overall One Piece is a great anime thats great for anyone to watch.  It’s entertaining characters and uplifting message of friendship, hope and courage are always enjoyable to watch.

>> One Piece with English Subtitle

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