Kanna Hashimoto is booming as an idol! - What is popular in Japan right now!?

Kanna Hashimoto is booming as an idol!

Kanna Hashimoto was born Feb 3rd 1999, in the Fukuoka Prefecture. Kanna belongs to the local Fukuoka pop idol group, “Rev from DVL”. (wiki)Her fast rise in popularity was triggered by a photo that was uploaded on one of her fan’s blogs(the picture below). This picture went viral on the internet and even her Youtube video was played over 2.7 million times! You can even see her in various commercials and programs on TV now!


Kanna Hashimoto – Rev.from DVL 「LOVE〜arigatou」

【Ameba10周年】ガールフレンド(仮) 橋本環奈『入学篇』(Enrolment version)

【RKB】TVスポット:居眠り篇【TEEN!TEEN! MC:橋本環奈、ピース】

>> Kanna Hashimoto’s Blog

>> Kanna Hashimoto Twitter

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