“Kimino Na Wa” Animation Movie - What is popular in Japan right now!?

“Kimino Na Wa” Animation Movie

“Kimino Na Wa” ( Your Name) is the animation movie directed by Makoto Shinkai. Shinkai, also created the popular movies “5 Centimetres Per Second” and “Garden of Words”. This story is about Taki, a high school boy who lives in Tokyo. Mysteriously, his spirit is swapped with Miwa’s spirit. Miwa is a high school girl who lives in country town on the coastline of Japan. These spirit swapping occurrences are somehow connected to a strange comet that has recently come into orbit.   “Kimi no Nawa” was started playing at theatres on 26th August. It recorded 590,000 viewers for the first two days. It has been NO 1 in the national movie mobilization ranking for over three weeks. (source)


>> Kimino Na Wa Site


“5 Centimeters Per Second”


“The Garden of Words”

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