Lollipop Art by Shinri Tezuka

Lollipop Art by Shinri Tezuka

Shinri Tezuka is a Amezaiku-shokunin (Lollipop artist) who owns a shop “Amesin” in Asakusa; where you can enjoy your beautiful lollipop. Shinri creates very detailed, beautiful and even realistic sugar art. One lollipop sells between 1000 and 2000 Yen (roughly $10 to $20). Tezuka creates custom sugar creations for weddings, parties, cake tops, etc. He even has a hands on classroom where he teaches how to make his beautiful lollipops. Tezuka also travels to various cities to give sugar art demonstrations. Take a look at his beautiful sugar creations; you will be amazed at his sugar crafting skills!

>> Ameshin Site

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