Popular Anime : Osomatsu-san - What is popular in Japan right now!?

Popular Anime : Osomatsu-san

Osomatsu-san is a retake of the original anime “Osomatsu-kun” by Fujio Akatsuka (in commemoration of Mr Akatsuka 80th birthday). The original “Osomatsu-kun” was debuted in 1962. (wiki) This anime is a comedy about the life of sextuplets and their neighbours. Now, Osomatsu-kun has grown up and has become the new Osomatsu-san. (“Kun” is used for boys. “San” is for adults.) The first episode is totally different from the original anime “Osomatsu-kun”. The beginning of the anime starts in the original 1970’s style but then suddenly changes to the current popular style. All of the characters were redesigned to look like the famous “Otome Game” style. The winning combination of the new design, comedy and the all of the voice actors being very popular actors has led to Osomatsu-san being hugely popular with female audiences.

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