Meat Festival!!

Meat Festival!!

A new festival is now being held during Golden Week, The Meat Festival! This is the second year it’s been open and is it ever attracting a lot of attention! Over 420,000 people came to the festival in 2014! The Meat Festival(4/24〜29、5/1〜6) is held in three locations: Chiba, Tokyo and Kanazawa; it features many savoury, soft, juicy, melt in your mouth meat dishes! Beef Sushi, Classic Barbecue, Yakitori, Karaage, Hambargu, Tonkatsu are just a few of the many meat dishes you can find! Six different embassies also joined the fray and are also selling their national specialties. You can find meat dishes from Indonesia, Egypt, Slovenia, Haiti, The Republic of Togo and the Sudan. Of course, your going to be thirsty after eating all of those meat dishes so you should wash them down with one of the many varieties of craft beer for sale! If that wasn’t enough, you can also enjoy concert performances! Everything from live bands, idol groups and comedians can be found preforming at the festival. Kick back and enjoy your meat!


Niku Festival (by Spotwright)

Meat(Niku) Fest in 2014

>> Niku Festival Site (Look and see what you can eat there!)

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