Mini Car that fits in your bag: The WalkCar

Mini Car that fits in your bag: The WalkCar

One of Japan’s most memorable features is its plethora of cool gadgets and its latest, The WalkCar, does not disappoint. Weighing only 6.6 pounds, this tiny transportation device can slip into virtually any bag; parking will never be a problem again!

To use WalkCar all you need to do it place it on the ground and stand on top of it. If you want the WalkCar to stop, you just need to step off. Changing directions is easy as well, just shift your body weight towards the direction in which you want to turn towards.

WalkCar’s Lithium battery only requires only a three hour charge before carrying a maximum passenger weight of 120 kg or traveling up to 12 km! This sleek looking mini car also has some muscle. WalkCar can travel up to 10km/h, roll over bumps in the road as well as travel up inclines. Not bad for something that takes up as much space in your bag as your portable computer!

Creator, Engineer, and Founder of Cocoa Motors, Kuniako Saito, plans to release the WalkCar via a Kickstart campaign later this year. (source)


>> Cocoa Motors Site

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