New Abbreviation is growing on Twitter - What is popular in Japan right now!?

New Abbreviation is growing on Twitter

On the internet, new abbreviations are always made.  These abbreviations grow in use for a period of time before they eventually die out again.  For example, “kwsk” means “kuwashiku”.  Here are some breakdowns of these abbreviations: “KY” means “Kuuki ga yomenai” (can’t read the situation).  JK means “joushiki ni kangaete” (think in common-sense) or high school girl”.  Lately, a new abbreviation is becoming popular on SNS and especially on Twitter.  The abbreviation is “OC desu“.  OC came from the word “Oishi”.  One Youtuber, tarzou1, makes comments after he eats or drinks something.  He usually says “OC desu” right after he swallows.  Then, he continues “The flavour of bla bla.. spreads in my mouth and it is OC desu.”  Here is his video.


I drank Mitsuya Milk Cider by tarzou1


>> OC desu on Twitter

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