New Movie “Ryuzo with 7 followers” directed by Takeshi Kitano

New Movie “Ryuzo with 7 followers” directed by Takeshi Kitano

Takeshi Kitano, a.k.a “Beat Takeshi”, known as a popular Japanese comedian, actor and film director has made numerous violent Yakuza movies. Some of his movies have been nominated for awards such as “HANA-BI”, “Kikujiro”, “Zatouichi” and so on. Kitano’s latest movie “Ryuzo with 7 followers” will be released in theaters on the 25th April, 2015. This latest movie is about the retired Yakuza boss, Ryuzo, who falls into an “Ore Ore Sagi” (fraud that tricks elderly parents to give money.)” After falling into this scheme, Ryuzo calls his old friends, the “seven yakuza followers” and they stand up together to punish those who committed the crime. The actors playing the part of the Yakuza have an average age of 72 years, which adds a comedic touch to the movie.

Ryuzo with 7 followers by Takeshi Kitano

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OUTRAGE (2010) by Takeshi Kitano

HANABI (1997)

Violent Cop (1989) the first movie Takeshi directed.

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