New NailArt Trend : Water Balloon Pattern - What is popular in Japan right now!?

New NailArt Trend : Water Balloon Pattern

Have you been to a Matsuri Festival in Japan?  If you have, you may have tried or seen Water Balloon Fishing (Yo-Yo-Tsuri) game there. It is a very popular game at Matsuri Festivals. You basically use a hook with a string made of tissue to hang around the end of rubber string connected to a water balloon.  You want to keep your tissue paper intact as you hook the water balloon.   These Japanese water balloons have a pattern on its surface. Now, new NailArt is incorporating these water balloon patterns and trend is growing in Japan. It seems easy to create these patterns.  You just need to use a toothpick and your favorite nail polish to draw these patterns on your nails.  Here are some Water Balloon NailArt photos:

Japanese Water Balloons

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Water Balloon Fishing (Yo-Yo-Tsuri) game

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