New Photo Posing Trend : The Nonomura Pose!? - What is popular in Japan right now!?

New Photo Posing Trend : The Nonomura Pose!?

Hyogo Provincial politician, Ryutaro Nonomura, was accused of dubious spending of official allowances. At a press conference, held on July 1st, it was sited that an estimated 3 million yen ($30K) had been misused. Nonomura claims that he spent the money on numerous postage stamps (1,760,000 yen ($18K) and visiting four locations 195 trips in one year. The video clip and photos of Nonomura, who is crying and shouting, became a phenomenon on the internet. Especially, photos of his pose, where he raises his hand to ear, has become popular among many young people. They mimic his pose when they take Prikura or photos for SNS. Some people not only mimic his pose, but some people use his wailing voice for music mixes, such as Dubstep, Techno, Heavy Metal, and other kinds of music.
Ryutaro Nonomura

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Nonomura NNMR-Dubstep version

Nonomura Techno Remix

Nonomura HardCore remix

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