The New Trend this Summer : Night Pool - What is popular in Japan right now!?

The New Trend this Summer : Night Pool

Many young girls are spending time at a Night Pool to take selfie photos for SNS (especially for Instagram).The participants are mostly young women in there teens and or their 20’s and instead of swimming in the pool, they pose for pictures. Many Hotels and pool facilities are catering to this latest trend by providing appealing illuminated floats that create nice backgrounds for their SNS pictures. Some places also provide colourful cocktails and music played by DJs.

>> Video by CanCam


>> Video by 神戸みなと温泉 蓮(旅館)

>> Video by 大阪城ウォーターパークbyハウステンボス特派員


>> Video by mensstudio


>> Night Pool #ナイトプール Instagram

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