Popular Drama 2014 : Massan - What is popular in Japan right now!?

Popular Drama 2014 : Massan

After the popular drama “Hanako to Anne” finished, a new NHK morning Drama series “Massan” has been aired. The drama is about Massan, who traveled to Scotland during the Taisho era, to learn how to make whiskey. The drama starts with Massan and his newly married wife traveling to Japan together. What makes their relationship so unusual is that his wife is Scottish! Masataka Taketsuru who is the founder of the Nikka Whiskey is the subject of this drama. The first episode, shown on Sept. 29th, received a 21.8 % audience viewership, which was same as NHK’s last drama “Hanako to Anne”.

>> Massan Episode 1 ~

>> Massan NHK site

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