#Ninjahitter in Japanese High School Baseball tournament

#Ninjahitter in Japanese High School Baseball tournament

High school baseball is serious business in Japan. Many Japanese high school players are making a crazy effort to play at Koushien stadium. Koushien stadium is where Japanese high school baseball players aspire to play at. Numerous high schools compete to play in the national tournament for a chance to be NO.1 in Japan; also it gives the players a chance to be scouted by a major league team. To get a ticket to play at this tournament, you have to win your prefecture tournament first. In Saitama prefecture, one of the baseball players is turning into a local celebrity, for his fantastic showmanship. His video is going viral, not only in Japan but also oversees. He moves his bat like a Ninja or movie character. He’s fun to watch!

Yuji Baba #Ninjahitter

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