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Japanese Popular Trends! What's New in Japan?

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Popular Japanese Anime : Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is an amazing anime that excels in all areas.  It’s artwork, design, storyboards, colouring is all first rate. The story is also large, complex and often very unpredictable.  What makes it...

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TeamLab: Japanese Digital Creative Company

TeamLab was started by Toshiyuki Inoko, his best friend and three of his classmates from Tokyo university in 2000.  Now, Toshiyuki’s company has grown to more than 300 employees. TeamLab is always brainstorming new...


Bosai theme park creator: Takanori Aiba

The Bonsai which are made by Takanori Aiba are very unique.  These are not real Bonsai trees, instead, each piece is carefully crafted by Aiba.  Takanori Aiba made his illustrations come to life with...

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2013’s Top 10 Best Selling Cars in Japan

Unit sales of light cars (Kei Jidosha) have reached record highs in 2013. Improvements made to the mileage performance and safety are some of the factors contributing to sales.  Also, the Kei Jidosha’s lower...

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Ball Point Pen Artist : SHOHEI

Many of you have watched the famous anime movie “AKIRA“.  This movie was directed by Katsuhiro Otomo in 1984.  His son, SHOHEI, is also an artist.  His style involves using ball point pens and...