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Japanese Popular Trends! What's New in Japan?

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The Bowl which rice hardly sticks to

Rice is the staple food in Japan. Parents used to say to their children “don’t waste the rice in the bowl, eat all of your rice”. They also used to say “If you ruin...

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Japanese HighTech Toilet : Washlet

When you visit Japan. you may encounter some interesting toilets. Some common toilets are called “WashLet” and they are produced by the famous toilet manufacture TOTO. WashLet have many high-tech features that we rarely...

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Lollipop Art by Shinri Tezuka

Shinri Tezuka is a Amezaiku-shokunin (Lollipop artist) who owns a shop “Amesin” in Asakusa; where you can enjoy your beautiful lollipop. Shinri creates very detailed, beautiful and even realistic sugar art. One lollipop sells...

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Meat Festival!!

A new festival is now being held during Golden Week, The Meat Festival! This is the second year it’s been open and is it ever attracting a lot of attention! Over 420,000 people came...

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Golden Week in Japan!

What is Golden week? Golden Week is one week containing many consecutive national holidays. Golden week starts April 29th (Showa day), which is then promptly followed by the Constitution Memorial Day on May 3rd,...

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Miniature Artist : Nunu’s House by Tomo Tanaka

A few articles back I wrote about miniature cooking shows; here is another miniature artist, Tomo Tanaka. Tanaka makes a wide variety of handmade miniature products. He started making miniatures in 2001. For Tomo’s...