Popular 2014 Japanese Drama: Gochisousan - What is popular in Japan right now!?

Popular 2014 Japanese Drama: Gochisousan

Japanese Popular Drama 2014 Gochisousan

The new drama “Gochisousan” was started after the popular drama “Amachan” finished in 2013.  Gochisousan is also growing in popularity.

Gochisousan is located in Tokyo and Osaka during the Taisho era to the Showa period (1922 -1945).  The main character of the story is Meiko.  Meiko grew up in a family who runs a Western food restaurant and she likes to eat the food which her dad makes.  She tries to get along well in difficult situations and becomes mentally very strong.   Here is a link to watch Gochisousan.

>> Gochisousan with English Subtitle

>> Goshisousan without English Subtitle

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