Popular Autumn Food Matsutake Japanese Mushroom

Popular Autumn Food : Matsutake

A matsutake mushroom is a high-quality mushroom in Japan. It is called “The King of the Autumn Taste”. Matsutake has a very unique and strong fragrance which is the reason for its popularity. (However, some people don’t like the distinctive smell of Matsutake.) Japanese people usually eat Matsutake grilled, in Osuimono (Soup), as Matsutake Gohan (cooked rice with Matsutake), or as Dobin Mushi (steamed in an earthenware teapot). Currently, Matsutake hasn’t been able to be produced by artificial cultivation; all Matsutake is harvested from the forest. Because it’s considered to be a luxury food, the price of Matsutake is very expensive, especially if it’s locally grown Japanese Matsutake. 300 grams of Matsutake costs between $100 ~ $500!

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