Popular Drink : Mugicha - Roasted Barley Tea - What is popular in Japan right now!?

Popular Drink : Mugicha – Roasted Barley Tea

Mugicha (Roasted Barley Tea) is a very popular drink during the hot Summer months in Japan. Japanese people make this tea and put it in refrigerator to keep it cool. Cold Mugicha is very refreshing and helps to cool down your body and mind! It is caffeine free, so it is also good for children. You can find Mugicha tea bags at grocery stores and it is easy to make. Some Mugicha tea bags can even be steeped in cold water! You can also find Mugicha in pet bottles at convenient stores and in vending machines.

Asahi Rokujo Mugicha

Suntory Mugicha

Mugicha CM 80’~ 93′

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