Popular Eats in Japan: Conveyor Belt Sushi (Kaiten Sushi) - What is popular in Japan right now!?

Popular Eats in Japan: Conveyor Belt Sushi (Kaiten Sushi)

Japanese people really like eating Sushi.  While the food service industry is declining in Japan, conveyor belt sushi is growing.  The size of the sushi market is larger than either the ramen or the gyudon(beef bowl) industry.  Compared to the traditional Sushi restaurant which were expensive and a little intimidating to eat at, the conveyor belt sushi restaurants are more affordable and have a more casual atmosphere.  It is this combination of a comfortable atmosphere mixed with affordable pricing that has made conveyor belt sushi restaurants a hit with all ages.  There are many conveyor belt sushi companies in Japan and the sushi business is becoming very competitive.  Restaurants are not only competing amongst others for the lowest price, but the companies are adding special side menus in an effort to gain more customers.  Sushiro is one of the popular sushi conveyor belt restaurants and it is famous for their delicious french fries.  Kappa Sushi’s popular side dish is aptly named ‘Kappa pudding’ and Kura Sushi is famous for their Italian Tiramisu.  There are so many conveyor belt sushi franchises available to choose from and enjoy in Japan.

sushiro conveyor belt popular japan
>> Sushiro
Sushiro’s popular side dish: French Fries

Kappa sushi popular conveyor belt
>> Kappa Sushi
Kappa Sushi’s Popular side menu: Kappa Pudding

>> Kura Sushi
Kura Sushi
Kura Sushi’s popular side menu: Italian Tiramisu

Here is a video of Kaiten Sushi(Conveyor Belt Sushi)回転寿司

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    We wish to explore a mutually franchise agreement.

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